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Five Star Food & Hygiene Rating

Sit back and watch the aircraft while eating delicious food served by friendly staff.

Wings Cafe is a family run restaurant that first started as a cafe for the engineers working on site, that gradually gained popularity due to the car clubs (Ford & Saab) which often flooded the area with droves of people accompanying them.

Our café is one in which we strive to create an atmosphere that all can enjoy, and one way is through our food, all our food is cooked fresh to go and all in house making sure that you only get the best there is.

The airfield is one of our key attractions here at Wings, hosting many variants of aircraft that customers can view in action from a safe distance.

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Please inform our staff of any allergens or dietary requirements you may have.

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Our Location

Address: North Weald Airfield, Epping, Essex - CM166HR

(upon entry to the airfield, turn left and continue for 1 mile. We are located opposite the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance Hangar)

Opening Hours

Opening Hours:    Mon - Sun                  9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Wings café boasts a healthy environment with our facilities holding grounds for outdoor eating as well as having a safe environment for children 

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